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About Berean Electric

We know that our work has a tremendous impact on your safety—and that’s something we never take lightly. No matter what we’re doing in your home and why, we never stop working until your electricity is as safe and effective as it can possibly be.

We are a team of professionals with decades of combined experience.

The work we do is important and something we never take lightly. Yet, we know that how we treat people is equally important. We might not always have the answers right away. But we are the ones who will keep working and plugging away until we do. That is why customers choose us as their go-to electrician. Like a reliable neighbor, we go out of our way to look out for our people, not because we need to, but because we can!


What we do best

Electronics Installations

We can take care of just about any residential electrical issue you are having. Call us for blown fuses, outlet replacement, breaker panel repair, indoor and outdoor lighting installation, and more. We will get the job done right the first time!

Electricity Supply

We take the safety of your electrical system very seriously. This is why we perform our Electrical Safety Evaluation when we visit a residence or business for the first time. Peace of mind for the safety of your home and your family or business is a priority for our team at Berean Electric.

Electrical Repairs

We respect your home and treat it as if it were our own. We understand how important your home is to you. We provide up-front pricing, quality workmanship, and affordable prices for each of our services.

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